Statue of Liberty Nebula

Designation: NGC 3576
Hemisphere: Southern
Constellation: Carina
Distance: 9,000 light years
Object type: Emission Nebula


NGC 3576 is a bright emission nebula that spans approximately 100 light years across and is located some 9,000 light years away from Earth, in the southern constellation Carina. It is colloquially known as The Statue of Liberty Nebula for its resemblance to the American symbolic statue.

Discovered by Sir William Herschel on 16 March 1834, this beautiful area of glowing gas is in fact an H-II region where stars are rapidly forming from condensing clouds of hydrogen gas. Within NGC 3576, some young, massive stars contribute to powerful stellar winds that shape the nebula and its looping filaments.

Acquisition details

Total integration time: 11 hours
Acquisition software: CHI-1 (Telescope Live)
Processing software: PixInsight
Location: Chile

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