Perseus Double Cluster

Designation: C 14 (Singularly NGC 869 and NGC 884)
Hemisphere: Northern
Constellation: Perseus
Distance: 7,500 light years
Object type: Open clusters


The Double Cluster in Perseus consists of two open star clusters (groups of stars formed from the same cloud of gas and dust) located in the constellation Perseus, both approx. 7,500 light years away from Earth.

The two open clusters are relatively young, both share an age of approximately 14 million years old, and are separated by a few hundred light-years. They contain a few hundred stars, including young, hot supergiants.


Mount: Celestron Evolution
Main Telescope: William Optics ZS73EDii
Main camera: ZWO ASI183MC-Pro
Main camera filter: Optolong L-Pro

Acquisition details

Total integration time: 5 hours
Acquisition: SharpCap Pro
Processing: APP – PixInsight – GIMP
Location: Luxembourg

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