Jellyfish Nebula

Designation: IC 443 / Sh2-248
Hemisphere: Northern
Constellation: Gemini
Distance: 5,000 light years
Object type: Supernova remnant


The Jellyfish Nebula is a galactic supernova remnant that takes its name from its resemblance to a jellyfish. The nebula sits approx. 5,000 light years from Earth, in the constellation Gemini, and was created by a star exploding into a supernova between 3,000 and 30,000 years ago.


Mount: Sky-watcher HEQ5-Pro
Main Telescope: William Optics ZS73EDii
Main camera: ZWO ASI294MC-Pro
Main camera filter: Optolong L-eXtreme
Guidescope: Svbony SV165 30/120
Guide camera: ZWO ASI174MM
Guide camera filter: Astronomik UV/IR cut

Acquisition details

Total integration time: 16 hours
Acquisition: ZWO AsiAir Plus
Processing: PixInsight
Location: Luxembourg

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