The Moon in May

Dear friends of The Lonely Photon,

As days get longer and longer here in Luxembourg, the hours of (real) dark are not sufficient for capturing enough data on deep sky objects. With my telescope at rest, I’m now focusing on traditional photography, with some occasional shots at the Moon with my Canon EOS 250d.

Here are some shots I took in May.

  • Sunday, 21 May. A tiny crescent Moon peeks out from a thin blanket of clouds.

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  • Monday, 22nd May. A breathtaking show of our Solar System: a tiny crescent Moon with planets Venus and Mars, right under the Gemini’s heads (Pollux and Castor). Oh and a meteor passed by too.
  • Tuesday, 23rd May. Conjunction of Moon and Venus, again accompanied by some clouds.

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I hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for more!

Clear skies!